Name: Juan Carlos G. Torres
Location: Laguna, Philippines
Age: 22 (23 in less than two months)
Nationality: Filipino (though others would doubt that)
Occupation: Can you spell b-u-m?
Net Handles:Jucato, Fenyx (deprecated)

Some things about me: Iím a graduate of Philosophy, from the University of Santo Tomas (University of Saint Thomas [Aquinas]) in Manila, Philippines.
Right now, Iím jobless, due to some personal/family reasons, meaning Iíve got lots of free time. So much that I actually canít decide how to maximize it. Anyway, since I canít get a job, and I canít study again, Iím using my free time to do some self-study on some things close to my heart, namely, computers graphics and programming.

Talents: Iím a sort of a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none type of fellow, which could be good and bad, depending on how you look at it. I can sing (not dance) and play the piano/keyboards a bit. I can draw, but mostly cartoonish/anime stuff, though I have a bit of a problem when it comes to shadows and colors. I used to program a bit, but nothing big. Most of my knowledge on that area comes from the books Iíve bought, some of them almost 8 years old.

Interests: My interests are wide-ranging. Obviously, Iíve been talking about computers, so thatís a major part of my lifeís concerns. Iím particularly focused on 3D computer graphics and programming in C++, most probably for the Linux operating system. Thatís on the more ďtechnicalĒ side. Artistic interests include anime, Jpop, some Japanese and Filipino cultures, and some fantasy literature.

So many interests? Like I said, wide-ranging. :D

Iím a living oxymoron. I am both quiet and boisterous. I am both understanding and insensitive. I am both intelligent and ignorant. I am both introvert and extrovert. I am both traditional and modern. I am both joyous and melancholic. I am both a mystery and an open book.

I am yin, and I am yang.

Searching for the center, of my being, of my life, of my universe. Searching always. Searching. In a never ending journey.

Journeying. From one place to another. From one stage to another. Never staying in one place. Never staying still. Always moving. Always changing. Everything changes.

Except me.

Dark and Light

I am me.