What?s with the name?!

July 3rd, 2006

You?d probably be wondering what?s with the title (and probably subtitle) of my blog. Those who didn?t know me from my ?formative? years in the seminary won?t have a clue.

Jucato - simply said, it?s made up of the first 2 letters of each word in my name, excluding my mom?s maiden name. so it?s Juan Carlos Torres. Some (crazy) people from the seminary coined that name, just because there were two of us who have the same nickname (and after 3 years, there were 3 of us). The original name they made was actually just Juca, but it rhymed with so many things, some of the them not so nice, that I decided to add my family name to it. It also makes the name sound Japanese. :D

Oh, and it?s pronounced as ?dew-ka-toh?. (not who-ka-tow).

Data Core - well, I?m a tech freak. I love computers (though my knowledge isn?t very extensive). I also love gadgets. I?m a sci-fi type of person, but not a full-blooded Trekie (or is it Trekkie). So I thought of making the title of my blog a bit related to technology. I was also planning to make this blog a sort of repository, a central core, for my ideas and thoughts, which are nothing but data, in computer terms.

Hard Drive - well, what is the mind if not a very powerful and special hard drive. Of course, the mind exceeds the capabilities of a hard disk, but the analogy is there.

Sector - a sector is just a small section of a hard disk drive. It does not make up the whole drive. Similarly, the contents of this site does not represent all the contents of my mind (if that were even possible). In only contains a relatively small part of my brain. It also only has stuff that I?m only legally or morally allowed to share to the whole world.

Ok, there you have it. An explanation of my blog?s title. Why I even bother to explain, or why I actually feel the need to ?justify? the title, is a mystery to me.

Now, wasn?t that boring?

On a more (probably) interesting note, my /whois page (About Me) is now finished.

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One Response to ?What?s with the name?!?

  1. dannybuntu Says:

    Hello, my name is danny or dannybuntu over at http://dannybuntu.blogspot.com. Your affiliation to Philosophy and Linux intrigues me. May I ask for your permission to interview you and post the interview transcript over at my blog? You can email me your reply over at . Besides I already put your name on the article


    Thanks I really appreciate it!

    Please tell us something about yourself.

    Which distribution do you use and why?

    How would you link Philosophy and Linux?

    Does writing about Linux bring you revenue? If not, then why do you write about it?

    How do you feel about Linux the way it is now (in terms of trends, prospects, future,)?

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